We’ve got great news for those who enjoy our Colorado lifestyle and may be planning a future visit.  The Colorado Springs Airport has made it easier than ever to reach your destination.

United, Delta, Frontier, Allegiant and American airlines all serve the Colorado Springs Airport.  More than 1 million passengers arrived and departed from the city in the past year.  Travelers enjoy attractive parking rates, short TSA wait times and a growing number of direct flights to global hub U.S. cities.  Colorado Springs Airport currently has 13 unique non-stop destination thanks to these five airlines connecting travelers to the world.  Frontier Airlines, for example, has expanded their network since August 2016 with seasonal flights to and from Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis, Seattle San Antonio, Tampa and Fort Myers.  American Airlines also added two flights a day from Colorado Springs to Chicago.

For those who prefer private aviation, there’s more good news.  Two operations catering to private pilots and their clients — Cutter Aviation and Jet Center – offer first class service, VIP lounges, rental cars, WiFi and more.

Broadmoor Properties brokers Michael Raedel and Tim Sheridan have worked with many out-of-town as well as local families interested in buying or selling a home.  “Some own a second property in one of our Broadmoor neighborhoods.  Others live here year round.  And many rely on the convenience of our airport,” Sheridan says.

If your business or personal plans include a visit to Colorado Springs, we invite you to stop by our offices at The Broadmoor.  Visit us at www.broadmoorproperties.com or call 719-471-6200